Thursday, November 26, 2015

Who are you giving thanks to today?

Who are you giving thanks to today? It's a legitimate question. If you're inclined to say, "friends & family", that's fine, but it's certainly a departure from the historical. Nearly all historians agree that Thanksgiving has it's roots in thanking God. If you freely admit that you're thanking "God", are you thanking the god of your own making or the God who made you? I challenge you to think about it! It might be very postmodern & popular to believe in a "higher power" that acts the way you would and also doesn't offend anybody, but come on! What kind of a "higher power" would think the way that you think? Maybe instead of trying to mold your "god" to meet your criteria, you should seek to encounter God for who He's revealed Himself to be. Take Him on His terms, even if you can't wrap your mind around Him & all His plans & ways. He's revealed His mysterious ways in Holy Writ that, despite attacks like the "Da Vinci Code", has not, in fact, been altered or changed. Encounter the God who has the power to save & transform lives, even yours. Today, why not thank the one deserving of all thanks? After all, He gave Himself for us, can't we at least give Him our thanks this Thanksgiving?

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