Thursday, November 26, 2015

I thought "love wins"?

Help me understand something!
If you cannot control who you desire and who you love, then why did former Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle, get sentenced to 15 years in Jail yesterday for paying to have his sexual desires met? While I am sickened by his behavior and glad that he is locked away, what gives anybody the right to judge him? Most will point to the age of those who he was with. But age is such an arbitrary thing. I mean who decided that one day a person can be a child and wake up the next as an adult just because they turned 18?  It used to be common for people to marry at the age of 14, 15 or 16. Also, age isn't an issue in the animal world & don't most believe that we are, simply, animals? I thought "love wins"? Apparently age wins. 
If at this point your mind quickly thinks: "Yeah, but they were forced to," Wow!!! Do you realize that if the age argument was destroyed that quickly in your mind, what are you going to do when the thousands of perverts in our country band together to say that they should be able to love who they want as long as the minor is consenting??? What leg do you have to stand on? After all, don't you say that anybody should be able to love anybody? Don't you say "who are we to judge"? Please be intellectually honest. Unless there are moral absolutes that are true for everyone, at all times, who are we to stand in the way of people doing whatever they feel like, as long as "it doesn't hurt anyone". And who's definition of "hurting anyone" will we be using? 
The reason that I can boldly proclaim that what Jared Fogle did was disgusting is because it clearly falls outside of God's design for sex to be enjoyed in the context of marriage, marriage as he defines it in the Holy Bible. What's more is that Jesus came to die for sin such as this. If Jesus died for it, we must stand against it now and until He returns. The Good News for Jared though is this, by faith in Jesus he can be forgiven and cleansed. He may & should suffer in this lifetime, but there is hope for his soul. If you don't believe the Bible, what right do you have to judge people like Jared and what hope do you have to offer them???


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